Help others.

The Renew Crew is a volunteer program of project:HOMES (formally ElderHomes) which was founded as a non-profit by the Capital Area Agency on Aging (CAAA) in 1992. The CAAA felt that it could best serve its constituents’ housing needs by forming a new entity that would develop and expand existing housing services. project:HOMES improves the housing and living conditions of low-income adults and persons with disabilities in Richmond Planning District 15 and the Cities of Hopewell, and Petersburg.

The Renew Crew and a team of more than 900 volunteers comprised of individuals such as you who address the needs of these homeowners. Our volunteers are individuals as well as groups and more than thirty are highly skilled in the specific construction trades.

Each year we perform more than 250 housing projects. Our wait list continues to grow. We need volunteer support. Join our “crew” and make a difference today.